Oro Marrone (Redux)

Re-edit of my First studio light work. Called Oro Marrone (Golden Brown) because of its warm toning.

Oro Marrone was my first real attempt to set up my recently acquired studio lighting equipment. Having viewed several tutorials, I felt good about setting up, but soon learned that there was more to it than just hitting a switch.

With much assistance from Joy, on this fourth shoot together, we suddenly hit a wonderful light, with an almost collapsed silver/black umbrella (with flash) and a translucent/white (no flash) umbrella for support.

Light in place, Joy fell with easy back into her more important role in front of the camera, showing new sides of her herself with a broad fan expressions, well placed hands and that recog­nizable gaze.

We landed a long series of excellent portraits, and in this golden/brown retouch, we found the peak with Oro Marrone.

Model/Mua: Marley
Photographer/Retoucher: Karsten Dahl, Dmansir

Location: Studio
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon EF 100mm

Light: Elinchrom DX One. White umbrella, Black Umbrella